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Designing Components with the C++ STL

Автор(ы): Ulrich Breymann
Язык: английский
Формат файла: pdf
Год выхода: 2002
Страниц: 310
Размер: 1.12 MB

Aims of this book

The book has two aims. As a technical reference, the reference document mentioned earlier is hardly suited to explain the concepts of the STL. Therefore, the first aim is to present how the STL can be used in a sensible way. Internal details of the STL are described only to the extent needed to understand how it works.

However, this book is more than a simple introduction. With the aid of compre- hensive examples, the STL is presented as a tool box for the construction of more powerful and sometimes even faster components. These components are more com- plex data structures and algorithms which can be efficiently implemented by means of the modules contained in the STL. The algorithms are evaluated with respect to their run time behavior relative to the amount of data to be processed (time com- plexity). However, not only the modules themselves and their combination are of interest, but also the programming techniques employed in the STL and in this book.

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